Yesterday was the 1st day Mother Nature showed us what kind of winter we’re in for this year. It rained non stop, was cold and windy. I lit the fire early in the afternoon, put a big pot of pumpkin soup on to cook and snuggled under a blanket on the couch watching trash on telly lol.

I must be getting old 😛 I was rugged up in a thick jumper, flannelette pyjama pants and thick bed socks, I reckon I needed thermal undergarments too!

Today is slightly better, the rain has stopped and the sky is blue although the sun isn’t shining. I do prefer the colder weather, but a bit of warm sunshine wouldn’t go astray during the days.

Looks like we’ll have to get the chainsaw out and cut some firewood for the coming months. We’ve lots of dead trees around the farm, some more of a hazard than others so we’ll chop them down and leave the safer ones for the wildlife to house in for the coming winter.

Until next time



I’ve got into the habit of walking for the good of my health (weight issuses, heart issuses, lady issues), and because my post box is at the end of our long driveway and i can’t wait the 6 hours from the mail being delivered to when I pick the munchkins up from the school bus, i like to have my mail in my hands as soon as it comes, it’s a me thing lol

During the school holidays, which have just finished, B2 took to walking to the letter box with me. It’s only a 10 minute brisk walk either way. She certainly pushed me, with her long legs, what seems an easy stroll to her is a workout to me, it’s 3 of my steps to her one!

I admit I don’t like walking on my own. I think about other things I could be doing, I dawdle, I find it to be a chore, it’s just not fun.

I reluctantly walk to the mail box when I’m on my own and as usual, by the time the walk is over, I feel good that I’ve done it and wonder why I have an inner argument with myself every time.

I have a treadmill, which I did find boring too but now that the weather is getting colder and I like to snuggle on the couch reading a book or watching a movie, I’ve decided getting up and walking on the treadmill will be more beneficial. I have a stack of movies I’ve been wanting to watch so it’s the perfect opportunity to get walking while watching telly and not feel guilty about lazing around.

Until next time


Although, it’s not a baby we’re looking after, it’s a horse, so it must be horsesitting!

This blog post may sound like a whinge, I don’t want it to come across that way, I truly am happy to have the horse here, it’s just, animals are like children, if you want them, you need to look after them and be able to afford to house and feed them.

A friend acquired a horse and had nowhere to house it, she lives in the middle of suburbia! Anyways, we, being the kind hearted people we are (more like the man of the house and B2 who wouldn’t say no to a horse no matter what lol), have given this boy a home, 3 hours away from his owners. We have the space, we’ve had horses for years, B2 is in her element, it was a no brainer to send him here for some TLC.

He’s an ex race horse, named Milo. He has a friendly nature but has separation issues. I assume he had a paddock mate at his previous home as he’s always neighing at our pony to come to the fence and isn’t content until he’s close by. I won’t put the pony in the same paddock as he’s a bit boisterous and I don’t want his bad habits to rub off on Milo.

He comes to the fence if he sees you have something in your hand, thinking it’s a treat, even if it’s not he doesn’t seem too disappointed and is quite happy to stand for a few minutes to have a neck rub before trotting off to be near the pony.

He is rideable but we’ve been told he needs an experienced rider and a not so weighty one, so that puts any of us out of riding him as the only experienced rider in this house is a bit weighty and we don’t want to be responsible for any injuries Milo may incur.

As much as I like having Milo here, he really needs to be closer to his owners who will ride him, that and the expense involved in housing a horse! But until that happens, he’s happily munching hay and pellets and gets spoilt with a carrot or apple each morning when we let him out of the stables into his paddock.


Until next time



The weather has cooled and according to the CFA, fire restrictions have been lifted in my little corner of the world. I’m a little miffed at how that can be, it’s still dry and tinder box-ish around this area but I guess if you can’t trust CFA and your own common sense, who can you trust?!?!

We love a good bonfire, there’s no secret about that lol. Toasted marshmallows, a comfortable seat, the occasional neighbour and a clear night makes for a good bonfire atmosphere.

Friday night just gone we had our 1st bonfire for the season. Just us as a family and a friend of B1. There’s plenty of fallen branches and leaf matter around here, it didn’t take long to build a small bonfire. We’re going to make a permanent fire pit just left of where this bonfire was. The rocks in the 1st photo show roughly how round it will be. More on that when we get around to doing it 😉


Until next time,

Weekend away

The weekend just gone, we spent some time in Melbourne. The main reason was for the B1 and B2 (the darling daughters) and the man to attend a concert at the Palais Theatre. Taylor Henderson and Reece Mastin were performing but really they were just going to see and hear Taylor 🙂 and from the comments and constant chattering about it still, they had an awesome time, even getting photos with some of Taylors family members!


We stayed at the Airport Tourist Village caravan park. The self contained cabin was lovely, albeit a little pokey, more upmarket then what we’re used to staying in when holidaying at caravan parks but for the same price. That’s about the only good thing I’ve got to say about the park. There was no swimming pool, you had to go down the road to the motel if you wanted a swim, no playpark for the munchkins, the roads around the cabins were awfully narrow and potholed. It lacked the vibrancy a caravan park normally has. It was situated in a good area though 🙂 Got to think of the positives.

We did the usual visit to the Queen Victoria Markets, picking up some bargains along the way. There’s always something different to see when we go there. We also visited Living Legends horse Farm where retired racehorses go to live out their days. We got up close and personal with the likes of Might and Power (he definitely lives up to his name, being both mighty in size and powerful in gallop), Rogan Josh, Doriemus and a handful of others. They’ve all won 1 or more Melbourne cups as well as other races around the world.

living legends


We did some plane spotting as we were just up behind Tullamarine Airport. We watched the planes come over the top of us and into land. I’m amazed at how many people were doing the same thing and the icecream truck was doing a roaring trade on a warm autumn day!


I met an awesome, gorgeous, delightful soul who I’ve known through cyberspace for the past 12 months, and the 12 months prior to that she was an anonymous snail mail sender. The munchkins have claimed her as their Aunty! She treated B3 (darling son) and i to some one on one time and some fun and giggles at Luna Park. We braved the Great Scenic Rail rollercoaster. I’m told it’s a tame ride but for someone, who in their 34 years of being on this planet has never ridden a rollercoaster, it was an experience I don’t need to do again 😉 It was fun, adrenalin rushing and the sights of the city for great but i’ll stick to staying firming on the ground. B3 loved it! The dodgem cars were a huge hit with B3 too, he giggled all the way through and if he had his way he would have spent all night on them.


Lastly, if you’re looking for a delicious meal of pizza or pasta, Topolinos in St Kilda is the place to go. The meals there are hearty and scrumptious 🙂

It’s always nice to get away but home was a welcome sight.

Until our next adventure





House names

When I first met the man, he lived on a farm named Falconstoop. This name came about by the falcons that stooped over the paddocks in readiness to catch their dinner.

An old boss of his had a property named Morethanicanchew.

The property down the road from us is Hope Glen.

When we moved to this place I wanted a name that had meaning to us as a family. It was no use naming it Sunny Bacon farm as our pig farming wasn’t taking off. Our surname plus Zoo sums up all the animals here but wouldn’t sit well down the track once the animals all leave and aren’t replaced. We tossed around the letters in our names but couldn’t come up with anything that had meaning or sounded right, there’s not enough variety of vowels. It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago I was aimlessly sitting in the truck at the gypsum quarry, picked up a pen and wrote RISASIIMLI on a scrap of paper. Not quite pronounced as it looks. Take the SI and turn it to SH and the LI to LEE giving you RISASHIMLEE. It has perfect meaning to us but to people who don’t know us it means nothing at all. It’s the 1st two letters of each family members name in age order. Quite fitting and rolls off the tongue nicely.

Whilst in Melbourne at the Queen Vic Markets, we came across a guy who was selling number plates and road signs. He had his computer and sign press machine set up and could press any word you wanted onto a sign. We weren’t really ready to have a sign made as we want a picture or two and a different shape but we thought why not, we can attatch it to the gateway for the time being then it can be popped on the wall of the house of the door even. I must say, it looks quite nice on the door 😉

So, welcome to RISASIIMLI, our home 🙂



Righto, here i am, not new to blogging, just new to wordpress. The other blog site was giving me the heebee jeebees so here’s hoping this one is simple and I can continue my blogging journey.

As the title suggests, I procrastinate. So much so, I set this blog up last night and didn’t create a welcome post until now. Sleep seemed like a better option 😉 Those of you who have followed me from my old blog will know who I am and what I do. For anyone new, below is a quick outline of me 🙂

I’m a spiritual, motor sports mad, lover of pixies/faeries, married, stay at home mumma who enjoys my own company and that of a good book with fluffy chickens sitting on my lap.
I have a penchant for cheese and crackers and flavoured teas.
I collect things, many things.
I love all things retro, vintage and country.
I want to be crafty but I’m forever mixing my ambitions with my capabilities lol
I’m finally in my forever home, eventhough I’m in my mid 30’s I’m not planning on moving ever again, I didn’t choose this house, it chose me, it’s been in my dreams for sometime and I’ve felt right at home since the day I set foot on it’s soil.

I generally post about my daily doings. Blogging for me is like keeping a diary. I used to put pen to paper but would shorten everything and sometimes it didn’t make sense when looking back, also I never included photos. Blogging in cyberspace allows me to add photos, ramble as much as I like and edit my spelling mistakes with ease and it all looks tidy.

There you have it. It’s now time to do Monday’s chores.

Until next time ~x~